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In today’s Danger Room, Nathan Hodge (co-author of A Nuclear Family Vacation) asks penetrating questions about how my book came about, who/how I knew when/ where — and asks me to guide us on a quick tour of the danger spots. Read here.

DOE’s Dismantlement Backlog

Here’s a story in today’s front page of  USA Today about the Energy Department’s problems of eliminating nuclear weapons; it was sent to me by Robert Alvarez of the Institute of Policy Studies. “As the article strongly implies,  under the status quo, we are looking at a 30-40 year time-line before President Obama’s goal can actually be realized,” says Alvarez. “The longer we wait to restructure the DOE weapons complex to eliminate nuclear weapons, he adds, the less likely these warheads and the fuel to make them will be gone.” Here is the link.

KERA Radio Interview

jackey_thumbnailKrys Boyd of KERA in Dallas is a sharp interviewer tackling a range of topics – from the science of nuclear energy to its dangers.  It lasts about an hour.

KERA Radio (NPR), “Think” with Krys Boyd