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Slip of the Tongue?

An Iranian diplomat strayed into dangerous territory with an apparent slip of the tongue yesterday. “The whole Iranian nation are united… on (the) inalienable right of (having a) nuclear weapon,” said Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran’s representative to the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency.  He quickly corrected himself with the standard declaration of his nation’s right to ‘peaceful’ nuclear energy (see article). But his slip-up underscores the incontrovertible link between the two sides of nuclear energy — and the risks of pusuing nuclear commerce, especially in volatile regions, in the belief that ‘safeguards’ agreements will be honored.

In the Shadows of Nuclear Proliferation

“In Mortal Hands” was recently reviewed by Jim Miles in the Palestine Chronicle and other websites with which he is affiliated such as the Irish Sun Times, Scoop, and Op Ed, and of course I am pleased by his enthusiastic reaction to my book.  For the record I did not say that “the industry’s central purpose is to create fissile material for weapons production.” Rather I argued that the civil function has historically provided convenient cover for the military and still does in the so-called problem states. My thanks to Jim for his coverage.  To read the full review, click here.