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solveclimate debate

An outpouring of comments for and against nuclear energy followed an article of mine posted this week on solveclimate’s website. I welcome such energetic debate and take the space here to make a few more general points. As I said in a brief reply on the solveclimate site, I did not set out to suggest ways to solve the climate crisis but rather to point out the pitfalls of thinking that nuclear energy would do the trick. Similarly, my aim in writing the book was to tackle not global warming but more broadly than I could in the article our relationship with the atom and what a friend of mine describes as the “greatest mythological event in human history” – the realization that we had developed the capability to destroy ourselves.

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Australian Conundrum

In Mortal Hands made its Australian debut in June with a paperback edition from Black Inc. Australians have a mixed attitude toward nuclear energy. They decided against building reactors when much of the rest of the industrialized world was building them; yet they also became one of the world’s largest producers of uranium. Uranium mining leaves its own footprint on the environment – and whether producers like it or not, they ultimately have little control over its ultimate disposition. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Peter Cave tackled that topic with me during an interview for the World Today program on July 29.