After Fukushima – Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future?

That is the topic of my upcoming talk in Atlanta at the Jimmy Carter Library on June 7. Looking forward to a lively and thoughtful discussion. The book is currently being translated into Japanese for publication this summer with a special chapter on the accident and its implications for nuclear power. It’s also in its third print run in Germany, having sold out after the accident. Also on the topic of ¬†Germany (which has finally decided to do away with nuclear power) see ZDF History’s documentary Die grossen Illusionen des Atomzeitalters to which I contributed.

2 Responses to “After Fukushima – Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future?”

  1. mike  on August 6th, 2011

    just finished reading the german edition of your book. Honestly, its great reading; especially, since I’ve read Kai Bird’s and Martin J.Sherwin’s excelent biography about J.R.Oppenheimer before. I’d recommend everyone reading those two books, preferably in this sequnce, to get a reasonable impression about the nuclear age in which we’re still living. It’s probably by far not the entire story. But one can get a quite thorough basis about the history of applying nuclear physics for both, peaceful and military, purposes. Especially your explanations about the difficulties, if not impossibility, of separating civil and military use of nuclear technology was highly interesting. A big thank you from Germany.

  2. Stephanie Cooke  on August 6th, 2011

    Thanks Mike. It’s a story that I felt needed to be told — and it is by far not the entire story.

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