Response to March 17 Op-Ed

On March 24th Jeff Bingaman responded to my March 17th Op-ed in the New York Times.

“A Nuclear Waste,” by Stephanie Cooke (Op-Ed, March 18), suggests that we transfer control of nuclear weapons technology development to the Defense Department. That would overturn one of the most fundamental decisions made about nuclear weapons after World War II: that their destructive potential set them apart from conventional munitions. Read more

A Nuclear Waste

New York Times, Op-Ed by Stephanie Cooke

PRESIDENT OBAMA has made clean and efficient energy a top priority, and Congress has obliged with more than $32 billion in stimulus money mostly for conservation and alternative energy technologies like wind, solar and biofuel. Sadly, the Energy Department is too weighed down by nuclear energy programs to devote itself to bringing about the revolution Mr. Obama envisions. Read more